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HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT story and photograph by Bryan Schwartz

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"In Nigeria, though so far only hundreds among the 40-million-member Igbo tribe are now embracing Judaism, the number of returnees may be on the verge of exploding, according to some observers. The Jewish adherents, who believe that their tribal name, Igbo, is a corruption of the word 'Hebrew,'  are establishing synagogues and abandoning Christian and animist religious practices in favor of Jewish traditions that closely parallel longstanding tribal customs.

Jewish practice is taking root in nearby Ghana, where the tribal chief of the Sefwi people, which has more than 1 million members, says he believes his people may be descended from ancient Israelites who crossed Africa as early traders or refugees.

In Zimbabwe, southern Africa, some 2,500 miles from Ghana, approximately 2,000 members of the Shona people-a tribe of more than 2 million-believe they have Israelite origins. As a result, they are gravitating to Judaism or are engaging in some aspects of Jewish practice."

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Getting To Know Jews Of Color

There you are sitting in shul, when a stranger walks in.  He looks awfully familiar. He looks alot like, you know, that guy in that movie.  What's his name? 

Oh, yeah!  He resembles, Eddie Murphy.

But wait a second!  Isn't Eddie Murphy a black guy?  This guy is wearing tallis and  a yarmulke and that's kind of Jewish.  How can he be both Black and Jewish?

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About "African-American" aka Igbo-American Booker Tanifeani Washington

Note: His middle name Tanifeani is a typical Ebo, Igbo, Ibo name.  The word Ebo, Igbo, Ibo is another word for Hebrew. 98% of the so-called African-Americans are Jews-Hebrew people. 

photo of Booker  T. Washington above right---------------------->

The Hoffman Reports
                 by Jeff Hoffman

18-issue 272 Sept. 5 - 12, 2002. Golden Isles WEEKEND

Ebo Landing 2002

"Researchers have found that a substantial number of African Americans in southern States are Igbo descendents. Most Haitians and many citizens of the West Indies are also Igbo. It’s hoped that in the future DNA science will be able to identify Igbo genes for those who need such verification."

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